Times have changed and most new parents find themselves with a little less help and support than they need.  New Mum's find themselves buying the latest baby book; to try to 'learn' how to bring their baby into the world and to find the latest information on how to bring them up.  You have the answers you need, you just have to recognise them.  This can be hard if you are tired, hormonal, and have lots of conflicting information.  'The book says my baby should sleep 4 hours, why isn't he?'  This is a common question.  The answer is your baby is not the average baby, he is your special baby with his own little personalty.  Trust YOUR instincts.

At home with you

At home after the birth (of your gorgeous new baby) you will receive all the help and support you need to settle back into your daily life smoothly and at your own pace.

I can help you with your other children, help the Father adjust and bond with the baby, support a good breast or bottle feeding regime, prepare food, some household chores and shopping, to name but a few things you might find useful.  I'm basically at your disposal, to help in any way I can, above all I have a long list of resources, so if you have a problem I can help you find an answer that works for you.

All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the first few weeks of your baby's life and regain your strength.

As a Breastfeeding Supporter I have the knowledge and resources to help you initiate and maintain a really good and informed feeding relationship with your little bundle of love.  I also have a medela Swing electric breast pump and an Avent Isis hand pump available for you to try, if you wish.


Natural and Best

The first few days and weeks are challenging with a new baby. 

However you feed your baby, it takes time to learn your baby's grunts and noises.  What means food, sore belly, tired, just want a hug? 

How did you see life after the birth?  You can learn to communicate with your baby if you spend time with him, but sometimes when you are tired, and hormonal you may feel a little overwhelmed.  It can be hard to confidently respond to your baby in the early days.  How do you know he has had enough milk?  Why is he still crying?  The answers are here, just ask a breastfeeding counsellor or peer supporter, who have been specially trained.  If you are formula feeding ask your formula company, they are specially trained in their field.

At Home After the Birth

I currently charge �25 per hour for postnatal work.  Travel costs are added to the final invoice.  You do not have to have had me as your birth Doula to avail of this service.  You can book me anytime, even after your baby is born.

Breastfeeding Tip :

Before you go to hospital, know what is normal for newborn babies, I can provide a 2hr workshop to help you understand when your baby needs fed, what to do if you think there is a problem.  You should only compliment breastfeeding with formula if you have first talked to a breastfeeding counsellor or peer supporter.  Ask to be put in touch with one before your baby is born.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pregnancy, labour and birth, or early days with your baby, please feel free to email or phone me.  I'll be happy to support you through it.

For Breastfeeding Help and support you can contact UPLIFT, a local helpline in Dungannon on 08000857496 10am-4pm.  This line is run by local  breastfeeding counsellors.  Any comments related to this line can be emailed to or myself.