Our initial meeting

In effect, this is an informal interview.  You have the opportunity to ask me anything and to make sure you feel comfortable and confident with me before employing me.
This is Free of Charge.

Antenatal visit

At least one visit is necessary, but I am happy to arrange more if requested.  We can discuss birth preparation, your preferences for pain relief, positioning etc. 

Labour and Birth

We can decide at our antenatal visit what you want from your doula and this will vary for each family.  My aim is to enable you to feel confident and safe during your labour and birth wherever you are.

Post natal visits

It is usual to have two, I like to arrange one at around two to three days after the baby has been born and another in agreement with the family.

One Off Antenatal Sessions

If you would prefer to be with your partner for the labour and birth without a Doula, we can organise a one off antenatal preparation session in your own home, at a time convenient for you.  This cost �55 plus travel costs.


I have a range of books, a TENS machine and a Breast pump available to lend to clients on request. 

Your Birth


Birth Packages are entirely flexible, depending on each family's needs. The price will differ slightly considering this. Price's are currently around �550 for a complete birth package. At our initial meeting you can pick and choose from the suggestions on the right. Phone calls/emails are all included in the package to families at any time for any reason.  Travel costs are added to your final bill.

Reduced rates/free service is availabe for families on low income.  Please ask for more details.


Support in Labour

Labour is a highly emotional and sensitive time for both Mum and Dad, so it's important that the feelings of both of you are considered.  In some cases Dad may like some support too.  Research has shown that a good birth partner can reduce a woman�s need for painkillers by reducing the fear factor, this often results in fewer medical interventions.

What sort of support will you need from a birth partner?

What kind of person will give the best support?

The best birth partner is likely to be someone who:

The decision whether the baby is to be born at home or in a hospital or birthing unit may have a bearing on your choice of birth partner. Even in hospital more than one person is welcomed into the labour room to support a mother.

And remember - a second birth partner will also give the father valuable emotional and physical support too!